Leo horoscope 3 february

Leo Horoscope for February 12222

Love and Compatibility for February 3 Zodiac

On November 1, Venus moves into your romance sector and remains here through the 25th. Like your delusions about it. You need to indulge yourself with happy and relaxing pastimes and infuse quality time, love and friendship in your personal relationship. You can achieve professional goals and targets with a dynamic approach. You're even compromising more, despite your fixed-fire ways. Someone is bound to come your way.

These past eclipses have quickly propelled us into a new world, where we were confronted by our current reality, and reminded of what needs restructuring. On a brighter note, however, the total lunar eclipse in Leo that took place on Jan. It was validation from the cosmos that our unique mission in this world has permission to flourish.

You know what to do, and why you're here, my magical stargazers. So, what are you waiting for? On Feb. Remember, Venus is a symbol of our pleasure and values, but while in the sign of the archer, the goddess of love morphed into a happy-go-lucky goal-digger, with nothing to lose. Many of us were blessed with exciting connections, and spontaneous money-making opportunities during this time.

Venus in Capricorn, however, doesn't take risks; it's strictly business. Venus in Capricorn is here to solidify those impromptu connections, and materialize the opportunities it brought into our lives, so get to work! Moreover, the new moon in Aquarius the following day will spark unexpected changes and bring stellar new ways to navigate unforeseen circumstances.

Leo Health & Wellness Horoscope

Something else to keep in mind is, Mars enters sensual Taurus on Valentine's Day, and well, all that you've been fighting for during this Mars in Aries transit could finally start to manifest. It doesn't end there, but I'll get to that in your individual horoscopes. You're socializing, and networking your little heart out this month, Aries. You're solidifying new relationships with your superiors, and fearlessly working towards your professional goals during this time.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Your social standing is top of mind this month, Taurus. You're set on your vision, and you're not afraid to take risks either. Tapping into your inner child is a must, but make sure you don't lose focus. Venus will be in a highly favorable position for the first three days of the month; then it will move into the sign Capricorn through the end of the month to form a quincunx aspect.

The Month Ahead for Leo

Under the influence of this aspect, the goddess of love will not be able to unfold its full benefits. Personal initiative will be required in your love life and will help you compensate for the vitality you are missing from the planet. You may also need to initiate some clarifying discussions and strengthen your relationships.

Understanding and tenderness can work miracles. Yearly Horoscope Leo Leo January Mars will send Leos a desire for adventure and the courage to take Leo February Mercury, the planet of the year, warns Leos against mistakes in Feb Leo March Leos should save their energy in March for significant things and b Leo April Leo will be literally able to move mountains in April, getting so m Leo June Leos will be full of energy this month, but this energy should be a Leo July As in the previous month, in July, Leo will be supported by the pla Leo August Leo really has every reason to be happy, since, for the third month Yearly horoscope New year, new you!

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Thanks to the power of Mercury, has the potential to be a successful year in business! Year of Mercury The new year will be shaped by Mercury. The planet primarily stands Yearly Horoscope Aries Aries have lucky charm Jupiter on their side. They should take thei Yearly Horoscope Taurus Yearly Horoscope Gemini Gemini will have to remain patient in , then it will finally be Yearly Horoscope Cancer Happy Chinese New Year!

Leo 12222 Horoscope

The Year of the Pig is officially here. February 4 is the new moon in Aquarius—thus the Chinese New Year—so reimagine how you think about friendship, community, and activism. On Sunday, Mercury leaves airy Aquarius for water-dwelling Pisces. Your creativity will flourish, but your cognition and verbal skills will need some TLC. The Aquarius new moon is inspiring you to think about how to deepen or transition the connections you have.

Keep your loyal ones close and the indifferent ones at a distance. Mercury enters your dream sector on Sunday, so trust your intuition and feelings. Werk, Taurus! The Aquarius new moon is listening to your wildest career dreams. Set your highest intentions, and trust that divine guidance will help make them happen.

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Your friends will be resourceful in making these aspirations come to fruition when Mercury enters your social sector on Sunday. Au revoir, Gemini!

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Monday's new moon in Aquarius wants you to travel far and wide, so tell the universe about whatever you want to learn and explore!