Leo horoscope 20 january

Lunar & Solar Eclipses in 12222 and How They Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Their dynamic combination will help us to heal and see the silver lining in our current situation.

On Wednesday, we could have tense conversations as Mercury, the planet of communication squares the spicy troublemaker Uranus. Not all discussions about change are negative — if you choose to take away the positive notes. On Friday, Mars trines with Jupiter. Get going! This is the first-ever all-digital global march. The first study definitively linking vaping to cancer was published yesterday. Researchers at New York University found a link between e-cigarette nicotine. Tess Holliday is a model, blogger, and makeup artist who created the body positive movement effyourbeautystandards in Her latest project is a body-a.

Leo Daily Horoscope Today Sunday 20th January 12222

Runners, get ready to groan. The temperatures are dropping, the winter winds are just weeks away from whipping, and your heat tech running gear is calling. Every minute in the United States, almost 20 people are physically abused by a partner. This would NOT be the best night to try to open a deep dialogue.

Restore Your Roar with the Leo Lunar Eclipse (Super Blood Wolf Moon)

In an attempt to solve problems, you may just cause more! Make your move! Shifting our attention inward, we can also use the energy of this event to do some self-reflection and jump-start some personal growth. Take an inventory of the places in your life where you could step up and take responsibility. Perhaps go a stride further and imagine how you can use your influence to create a greater connection to the world around you. Here are some simple ways you can harness the potency of the total lunar eclipse in Leo:.

In the words of Dr.

We all have something worthy of shouting from the rooftops, and the Leo full moon lunar eclipse gives us permission to intentionally self-promote. Owning our gifts publicly can put us in touch with the wonder of our unique and divine talents—and helps to create a sense of deep gratitude for the lives we get to live! The trick is to focus outward instead of just trolling for applause and validation. How will your offerings benefit other people? Check out ideas for full moon rituals here.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

October 10, Get going! Don't waste time feeling upset that no one needs you. It might be closer to what you want. Is your extravagant style worth celebrating when it would make you blush during thriftier times? People are looking to you for guidance, so you may have to step into the spotlight whether you want to or not. Let hidden motives come to light today.

Have you been hiding your light at work? Turn it up to stadium beam level! This is the perfect time to start a buzz on social media or to set up a pitch meeting with a client you want to woo. Be sure to include all the ways that YOU are the best at what you do.

Full-bodied self-expression is what this Leo lunar event is all about, so bailamos , people! Let the dance revolution enter your life as an ongoing tradition. Events like Daybreaker are popping up in cities everywhere, a sober dance party that begins with a fitness class such as yoga and then erupts into a free-form morning soiree.


This is the perfect time to scout out studios with dance-based classes. Leo is the sign of fertility, and this lunar eclipse is ripe for creation! Whatever the case, take a lion-hearted leap in a proactive direction.

Since Leo is the sign that rules fame, this divine timing might help draw some public acclaim when your masterpiece is ready for its big reveal. Glamazon Leo is the sign that rules pleasure, indulgence and full-bodied self-expression. Break out the sequins, bold patterns and glittery everything. Be it a statement necklace or a graphic print, remember that clothes are conversation pieces. Under the light of the vivacious Leo full moon, talking and flirting with strangers could get you everywhere!

Keep your heart and mind open! Get into the creative spirit of Leo and make a vision board for your love life.

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Daily Horoscopes: January 20, Jan 19 , pm The moon enters fire sign Leo at PM and an eclipse arrives at PM—huge changes. Netway India Private Limited Leo love horoscope. Unfortunately, today the world of romance may not bear as many fruits for you as you were.