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Sun and Rahu conjunction in Vedic astrology
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A notable hike in remuneration is also on the cards here. However, do not opt for a change when Rahu is traversing through the tenth house. Here the attitude matters. You may be able to drive your point by raising your voice. However, making this as a habit can harm your long-term prospects. That is when Rahu shifts into the 12 th house from the Ascendant, one can run into trouble. One has to then toil hard to remain in a run. On another side, if you are polite enough in stressing your point of view, you are to get encouraging opportunity to gain financially, when Rahu moves through the 12 th house.

Although viewed as strong malefic, Rahu can act as a game changer in a positive way for a person, lift fortunes. Movement of These shadow planets is measured as a karmic effect.

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Viewing this attitude and perception matters in kind of result. Fix an appointment with Chief Astrologer Pt Umesh to get the solution to your immediate concern. The intensity of effect by the transit of Rahu is more when it is moving around the degree of Ascendant.

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The effect is also acute when Rahu traverses around the degree of its position in Birth chart alias Kundli. Same applies to the degree of Rahu in a Kundli. One needs to avoid taking major decision related to Business, Career or finance during this phase.

Exalted Rahu In 12th House

This way you can avoid any major negative effect on the transit of Rahu. In this case, your chance of minting money is at best. This becomes then a story from rags to riches.

Viewing these above-stated revelations, it becomes pertinent to know where you stand during ensuing transits of Rahu in Cancer. Pavitra Jyotish tries to make your task easy.


We prepare a customized report about the transit of Rahu in Cancer. Avail of this report and be informed about times to come and prepare well to handle any disturbing situation arising during the transit.

Rahu in Leo in natal chart - Rahu through signs -Rahu Ketu in astrology

Movement of Rahu —Ketu can make or Mar your career prospects. Ask for Rahu —Ketu transit report and know about its effects your career. This pooja to get rid of all ill-effects.

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Get your special Rahu Puja now. Personalised Predictions. Siddh Astro Remedies. Puja and Anushthan.

User Review I was introduced to Acharya Umesh ji through my sister. Thanks to his guidance and upaya, I got positive results in my legal dealings. Rahu will move into Cancer and Ketu into Capricorn on Sept. In both cases, the nodes are hanging on the edge between degrees of Aquarius and degrees Leo.

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Rahu is particularly more vulnerable as it is in gandanta drowning zone. Planets do not like to be on the edge of signs as they are not sure they are coming or going and are in transition between realms. It brings out their darker qualities.

Given the constellations and planets involved, relationship issues can be a problem the next months and overbearing use of power could also come up from feelings of insecurity. Rahu in gandanta Leo is connected to Aries where it is connected to protecting and will power and leadership and courage but there is a sense of insecurity in the early part of Leo and a movement into materialism where the journey through Magha backwards is ending as it gets ready to move into the more treacherous zone of Ashlesha Will he make the right choices out of fear or be goaded into an unnecessary war?

We think that nodes on the edge bring out their darker qualities so Magha Westerners call it Regulus afflicted by Rahu and the eclipse may create arrogance, demanding behavior, indignation, disrespect and cruelty. I think Rahu at the end of the sign may bring out more deception, problems with pollution and toxins and it may promote marital disharmony and incline some individuals toward affairs. Its nature is very diverse as it can adapt to any situation it finds itself in. So what does Ketu mean in this constellation?

Ketu is connected to the past and past lives and this transit will incite reconnecting with past periods where the soul has done good service work and received good benefits. The transit through the 2nd pada Aquarius 0.

Dragon’s Head Rahu Decoded – Mythology about the origin of Rahu

Your help and support needed to provide more free Vedic Astrology services through this website. So, Feb. Vastu Services. An unafflicted Rahu in this position augments these characteristics and gives opportunities of earning wealth and property from unexpected sources. Session on Timing of Child Birth.