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He was a Centaur and the son of a god, Cronus, making him immortal. His bloodline also gifted him with supernatural powers of healing. However, he sacrificed his immortality so that mankind could have the ability to create fire. Astrologers refer to him as the "wounded healer" and this oxymoron encompasses him well. His healing powers did not work on his own wounds.

Chiron In Virgo

The zodiac sign that Chiron expresses itself through in your birth chart emphasizes the areas of your life that have always felt more difficult than others. Your Chiron can point to deep-seated insecurities you have, your vulnerabilities that make you more sensitive in certain ways than others, and your overall self-esteem issues. You might obsess over these aspects of your life, ceaselessly trying to improve them. But therein lies the magic of Chiron. Although it signifies your deepest spiritual wounds, it also expresses your greatest spiritual strengths.

These are the areas in your life that will teach you the most, according to your Chiron sign. Your work to heal these wounds, to become stronger in your weakest spots, is what allows you to be reborn again and again all throughout your life.

Chiron in the 9th House

Although the challenges that your Chiron sign presents are forever recurring, they also contains your ability to overcome them. For all its negative connotations, Chiron has biggest positive of all: You can survive anything.

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To get the most out of your Chiron sign, you should look to it to understand what is most difficult for you, then pursue those difficulties over and over again. It seems pretty counterintuitive, I know; but when did anything worthwhile ever come to you easily? It's always through pain and hard work that we reap the biggest rewards. Your Chiron sign exposes your greatest weakness and your greatest weakness contains your best opportunity to put in some hard work.

Use it! On the other hand, Chiron also reveals how we heal others, especially in the areas of our lives that we have trouble healing ourselves. Moreover, the severity of the emotional trauma connected to Chiron largely depends on the aspects of natal planets. A good exercise to empower a 9th house Chiron is to dig deep in your childhood years and see what or who was causing you fear and restraint.

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In case it is a physical person of importance, even talking to him about it would help. In case it is a situation, someone unreachable or not important, the best way is to resolve the matter symbolically. The best way to energize Chiron is through symbolical demolition of the archetypes that cause pain. In the end, you will understand that these traumas are just leftovers of the past; they do not offer you anything precious but fear and stress. In this occasion, diving without fear into 9th house matters can solve a lot. Learn that foreign language, practice foreign traditions and mix with people that have different cultural background.

Your own walls of perception will slowly fall apart, and your 9th house will start functioning normally again. If you have this placement, your path of transcending your traumas passes through communicating, while also getting engaged in other activities that involve surroundings that you feel as distant as weird. Alternatively, another great 9th house activity that can help you heal yourself is writing and publishing material connected to these issues.

Writing about your own 9th house problems can educate others that also have similar ones. In the end, this transformative healing experience can give them excellent insights. A curious pattern is that a 9th house Chiron person is better in teaching other people about how to expand their spirituality than they can expand their own.

This always happens when Chiron is involved; the native can perfectly teach and preach, even about things that he is not able to implement in his own life. Yet, those who listen to him, can! Be wise enough to apply your great pieces of advice on your own self too, and you will figure out the best way to deal with what holds you back! Each planets have a different effect on you, depending on which house and sign they reside in.

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In this case, quite different things happen as is described here, if Chiron is well aspected, although in my friends charts even the bad aspected Chiron bought positive life experiences. In my case foreign languages were the favorite subjects to learn, long trips made with family were the fondest memories of childhood where I was eager to learn and see new things and people. Writing was and is a longtime hobby with encouragements from others and a readily disposition to read heavy stuff, like philosophy or even abstract subjects like astrology.

Not to mention self-development is a major long-time commitment.

That little section referencing adversely aspected Mercury struck a chord for me. Yet I struggle to write, let alone on a deadline. It genuinely feels like my mind is a gold fish that anything written is beyond sub-par. So I would just like to say thank you. Kudos to you!!! I have the same aspects and same story like you. I hope our Virgo season lasts good, cause you know transiting planets are going to pass on our little Chiron and opposite our 3rd house also inner planets.

Love you, take good care. Chiron in the 9th House.

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